What we do

We support the welfare and dignity of the elderly

The organization was borne out of the passion and desire to provide a comprehensive care for the elderly in the society; through medical, psychological, economical, educational and social support that will guaranty their general social well-being;

Humanitarian Relief

Our organization shall from time to time be identifying the physical needs of the older persons and make provision for such through the engagement in relief and palliative distribution; such needs may include, food items, basic domestic items including matrasses, blankets, bucket, torchlights, including kitchen utensils amongst others.

We Educate

The organization is committed to supporting the education of the girl-child and other less-privileged children to attend both formal and informal education; it shall do so through career counseling and scholarship opportunities for the brilliant but indigent ones who do not have the financial means to attain their educational goals.


Our organization would prioritize the health and physical well-being of the older persons in the Nigerian society by ensuring access to prompt and improved medical-health care. In doing this, we shall partner other health care providers to conduct free testing and diagnosis on various health issues; pay hospital bills and provide private-medical home care services to the most vulnerable amongst them. We will ensure regular medical checkup and provision of drugs necessary to keeping the aged healthy and sound. The foundation will support local partner-organizations and work with other relevant Agencies to carry out medical outreaches targeted at older persons.

Skill Acquisition

The organization believes that when a woman is economically productive she would add value to her family and community in general. Therefore, this organization shall continue to support and partner with initiatives that promotes women’s economic empowerment; in realizing this aim, the organization would be engaged in providing special skill building and economic empowerment for rural women and young adults in the areas of; computer education, fashion & designing, soap making, catering/baking, hair dressing, African art and culture, tie and die, including training on small and medium scale business and provision of micro-credit for them; startup grant for petty traders; provision of equipment such as hairdressing and fashion designing accessories among others.

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